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2020: Lecture by Pandora Pound for course: Animals in Research: Law, Policy, and Humane Sciences, at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, US See details of whole course here and slides for lecture by Pandora Pound here: animals-lec11

26.4.2019: Kathy Archibald speaking via Skype to the Institute of Bioethics at the Pontificia University Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia. Many thanks to Professor Javier Andrés González Cortés.

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View 52 minute presentation

See our Pharmaceutical Director, Dr Gerry Kenna, present on the prediction of human hazard using in vitro data at the British Toxicological Society (BTS) Annual Congress, Cambridge UK, 17th April 2019.

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Watch the 30 minute presentation here

Dr Jan Turner speaking at the March 8th 2019 London Conference to launch the book:

Animal Experimentation: Working Towards a Paradigm Change

Dr Gerry Kenna speaking on: “Overcoming obstacles to human-relevant science.” WIST 2nd Congress: Science instead of animals. Cologne, Germany, October 27, 2018

Miniature Lung Grown by Scientists to Test Cancer Drugs

4 minute film explaining the “Toxicity Pathway” approach to ensuring safety in a human context, rather than through animal tests


15 minute presentation by Dr Bob Coleman at Horizons in Human Cells conference, Edinburgh, May 2014: “Humanising Drug Safety Testing”

4 minute clip from BBC “Bang Goes the Theory” on growing living human brain cells into 3D ‘mini-brains’ to study Alzheimer’s Disease

10 minute film from HSI, featuring biomedical researchers from Imperial College, London, The Blizard Institute and Aston University, explaining why replacing animals in cancer, gastrointestinal, respiratory and neurological research will reap significant rewards for human health.

24 minute presentation by Dr Bob Coleman at American College of Toxicology annual meeting, San Antonio, Texas, 4 November 2013:

Ensuring safety and efficacy in new medicines – humanising the process

Slide presentation by Dr Bob Coleman at Linz University, Austria, 17th September 2013: “Humanising Toxicity Testing in the 21st Century”.

16 minute talk by Dr Meg Lewis of Kirkstall Ltd, entitled: “Animal-Free Future of Drug Discovery” – read the concluding words here.

30 minute presentation by Dr Bob Coleman at the British Toxicology Society Autumn Meeting, 10th September 2012

An amazing MUST-SEE short (4 minute) film from Harvard University about their ‘organs-on-a-chip” from Technology Review, July/August 2012:

A 25 minute interview with Safer Medicines’ director, Kathy Archibald, on the “Freedom of Species” ( radio show from Melbourne, Australia, October 2011

15,000 signature petition delivered to Number 10 Downing Street. View the presentation here.

Sky News coverage of our open letter to David Cameron and Andrew Lansley

ListenAn interview with Safer Medicines Campaign director, Kathy Archibald on the Wild Time radio show 9th May 2011

The Politics Show 26th September 2010, with kind permission of the BBC.

On the Edge, 29th April 2010: interview available to view here by kind permission of Edge Media TV.

BBC Radio 4 interviews Dr Bob Coleman and Professor Chris Foster for You and Yours (21/10/2009) From 15:30

4th June 2009 Dr Kelly Berube, cell biologist at Cardiff University, and Dr Peter Kohl, of Oxford University, discuss non-animal models.

Safer Medicines Campaign featured on BBC1 Inside Out programme, February 2009

Dr Margaret Clotworthy is interviewed during a feature on the increase in animal experimentation in the UK. Her contribution starts half way through the 9 minute clip available here.

26 minute film Safer Medicines

Safer Medicines showcases state-of-the-art approaches to ensuring that drugs in the future will be safer than they have been in the past. World leading scientists from industry and academia present their vision for the future of drug development – with a focus on human biology.
Watch Safer MedicinesWatch Safer MedicinesWatch the Launch

Debate at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), January 16th 2007: Animal Testing: Necessary Cruelty or Cruelly Unnecessary?


Iain Simpson, Press Officer, Pro-Test Campaign

Dr. Margaret Clotworthy, Safer Medicines Trust

Professor John Stein, Oxford University

Kathy Archibald, Safer Medicines Trust

Thanks to Aled Fisher, Environment and Ethics Officer, LSE Students’ Union, for organising and chairing the debate.

Listen to interview (2005)
Interview with Dr Jarrod Bailey. Since this interview was recorded, the latest estimates for the number of adverse reactions to Vioxx worldwide are 320,000 heart attacks and strokes, up to 140,000 of them fatal. – With kind permission of Passion for the Planet Radio:

Listen to interview (2005)
Interview with Dr Jarrod Bailey, scientific director of Europeans for Medical Progress – With kind permission of Passion for the Planet Radio:

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