A conversation with Dr Pandora Pound, author of ‘Rat Trap’, by Animal-Free Science Advocacy


Dr Pandora Pound is Research Director at the Safer Medicines Trust. Dr Pound has written numerous influential papers on the scientific drawbacks of using animals as models for humans. Her newly published book ‘Rat Trap’ is a must-read.

Many thanks to Rachel Smith and Animal-Free Science Advocacy for this great podcast.

2024 Lush Prize Shortlist

We at Safer Medicines Trust are absolutely delighted to have been shortlisted for the wonderful Lush Prize in the Public Awareness Category for our book, Rat Trap!! Thank you so much to everyone who is reading and sharing it!

The Increasingly Sensible Case Against the Use of Animal Research

The problems of animal research for human medicine and the alternatives

Many thanks to Nicole Raleigh and pharmaphorum for inviting Pandora to discuss these issues in their excellent podcast 

Attempting to reach the mainstream with a popular science book about NAMs and animal research.

Safer Medicines Trust is very grateful to the Alliance Exchange for the opportunity for Pandora to speak about Rat Trap.

The Echo: We need a new approach to medicine

Medical science must move away from animal testing and embrace modern techniques, says Dr Pandora Pound

Read article here

One Medicine Webinar for Humanimal Trust


Many thanks to Humanimal Trust for inviting Pandora to present a webinar for the One Medicine series

Animal Testing in Drug Development

Many thanks to Ilina Jha and Redbrick Sci&Tech, the student publication of the University of Birmingham, for this interview with Pandora Pound.

Why the slow progress on medicines?

Independent Living Guest Blog By Dr Pandora Pound.


A Conversation with NAVS US and Dr. Pandora Pound

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Blog on the Patient Safety Learning charity’s website

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An Unflinching Exposé of 150 Years of Failed Animal Experiments

Rat Trap lets the data speak for itself, plainly revealing how 150 years of animal testing have succeeded only in thwarting medical progress.

Dr. Pound’s historical investigation explores how animal experimentation became the default method, despite an overwhelming lack of reliable, systematic evidence to support its effectiveness.

Read PETA’s review here.

The human harms of animal testing

Many thanks to What Doctors Don’t Tell You for including an abridged excerpt from Rat Trap in their magazine and online

Cygnus Review

Many thanks to Cygnus magazine for this great review in their Autumn 2023 Issue 4:

You need to know that the subtitle of this book is The Capture of Medicine by Animal Research and How to Break Free, which is probably going to get you to pay attention. Written with pace and passion, this book reads almost like a thriller: “Learn how an experienced medical professional takes on the establishment with expert use of science and data and is criticised and pilloried only to fight on and bring change” sort of thing. The evidence she presents is pretty devastating and depressing, because it clearly shows that the experiments carried out in the name of our health are not fit for purpose and with the massive advances in modern research and technology, they are outdated. This is a powerful book and hopefully it will change some minds.

Glowing review of Rat Trap from Thomas Hartung, Professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing, Professor Thomas Hartung, has written a detailed and thoroughly positive review of Rat Trap in the journal Altex (published October 17th 2023). He praises the book’s balance as well as its reliance on evidence, concluding, ‘Rat Trap is essential reading for funders, policymakers, scientists and ethicists seeking an unflinching empirical appraisal of animal research and constructive paths forward.’

Animal Free Labcast

Enlightening conversation with Carla Owen, CEO of Animal Free Research UK

PETA Podcast

Check out this very interesting conversation with @emilguillermo

Wellbeing International Review of “The Rat Trap” by Pandora Pound


Rat Trap book review and interview with Antidote Europe

Interview with Dr Pandora Pound

Thanks to Antidote Europe for such an excellent review and interview, with comments including: “Rat Trap should be compulsory reading for subscribers to the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times, in addition to all who are fortunate enough to obtain a copy of this remarkable book.”

Pandora Pound interviewed about Rat Trap

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