30 minute presentation by Dr Bob Coleman

30 minute presentation by Dr Bob Coleman at the British Toxicology Society Autumn Meeting, 10th September 2012

Bob ColemanDr Bob Coleman
Dr Bob Coleman is a pharmacologist with a keen appreciation of the value of using human cells and tissues in the search for new medicines to treat human disease. He worked for 30 years for the Glaxo group of companies, where he gained a wide experience of the drug discovery/development process. In 1995, he left GlaxoWellcome, and joined a colleague in founding Pharmagene, now Asterand (www.asterand.com), the first drug discovery and development company to work exclusively on human biology. In November 2003 he was awarded an honorary DSc by DeMontfort University, Leicester, in recognition of his scientific achievements and his contributions to the experimental use of donated human tissues in drug research. Bob Coleman is now an independent consultant in drug discovery.

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