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Your MP’s email address will almost certainly be in this format: surname followed by initial (no punctuation or gaps) If they are one of the very few MPs whose email address does not conform to that format, your email will bounce back to you. Please let us know if that happens and we will find their email address for you.

We would suggest that you write something very brief, for example as follows:


Dear ____________________________


Thank you very much for signing sign EDM 569: Safety of Medicines.

Please would you consider taking up the Safety of Medicines (Evaluation) Bill in the Ballot on 26th November?

With adverse drug reactions increasing and the output of new medicines decreasing, while their costs spiral ever upwards, it has never been more important to assess the methods used to test drug safety.

Yours sincerely ______________________




Given the volume of emails MPs receive, we believe brevity is paramount! MPs are only obliged to respond to their own constituents, so it is crucial to include your full address and postcode.

We would be very grateful to hear of any replies.

Thank you.

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