Safer Medicines Trust collaborating with FRAME

Safer Medicines Trust collaborating with FRAME

FRAME has recently published an analysis of the value of studies in dogs for predicting the safety of human medicines. The salient feature of this study is the use of appropriate statistical metrics, which have not previously been applied to such data. The results shine a new light on our reliance on dogs for this purpose, suggesting that they contribute little or nothing to ensuring our safety. Read the paper or watch the presentation by lead author Dr Jarrod Bailey.

We look forward to working with FRAME and OpenTox on a new study to assess the value of human in vitro approaches to predict the safety of medicines. Data will kindly be provided by the US Government ToxCast programme, part of the Tox21 initiative, and by the US National Center for Toxicological Research. The study will measure the ability of human in vitro tests to predict drug-induced liver injury (DILI) against the ability of animal tests to do so.

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