Conference at the House of Lords, 20 October 2009, 12.30-5pm

Human tissues are invaluable for medical research

- how can we make them more available?

Over 95% of patients are in favour of organ and tissue donation for research

Despite advances in technology, over 90% of drugs fail during clinical trials, primarily because of concerns over safety or poor efficacy. Human tissue, residual to surgery or transplants, can help researchers create safer more effective medicines, yet it is a vastly under-utilised resource with most tissues being incinerated rather than being offered to research. What are the reasons that so little human tissue is used in research and how can these barriers be overcome?

The goal of the conference was to bring experts from Government, industry, academia and tissue banks together to positively shape the future of human tissue access in the UK.

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BBC Radio 4's You and Yours programme on October 21st featured interviews with Dr Bob Coleman and Professor Chris Foster, recorded during the conference. You can listen to them here Listen Here

Summary of Proceedings
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Conference Report by FRAME