Honours for our US Science Director, Dr Katya Tsaioun

Honours for our US Science Director, Dr Katya Tsaioun

Our US Science Director, Dr Katya Tsaioun, has been selected to serve as a member of the Center for Scientific Review for the US National Institutes of Health. This immensely prestigious appointment is in recognition of Katya’s expertise and achievements, and will make a valuable contribution to medical research in the field of drug discovery for the nervous system. Katya is a highly-regarded expert on in vitro methods in drug development and is the founder of Apredica and Pharma Launcher


A further great honour for us is that Katya will be presenting a poster at the prestigious Gordon Research Conference on Cellular & Molecular Mechanisms of Toxicity from August 11-16. The poster will outline Safer Medicines Trust’s groundbreaking proposal to compare the relative abilities of animal tests and human-based in vitro tests to predict the safety of medicines.

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