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Drug Discovery and Development Tomorrow — Changing the Mindset

Summary of the proceedings of a conference at the Royal Society 26 November 2008
Available PDF format.
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A Critical Look at Animal Experimentation

Human tissues are invaluable for medical research –how can we make them more available?

Summary of the proceedings of a conference in the House of Lords 20 October 2009

Available PDF format.
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More harm than good? We need to talk about this!

As a patient safety charity whose raison d’etre is to reduce adverse drug reactions, Safer Medicines Trust is deeply concerned by the incidence of adverse reactions following covid-19 vaccinations. This is not what anyone wanted, following their remarkable development with such unprecedented speed – but it is certainly something that health systems should have been on high […]

‘Five For Friday’; Starting 2022 with five examples of human-relevant science using new approach methodologies (NAMs)

By Rebecca Ram Many research methods which focus on human-relevant biology (NAMs) are in use worldwide. However, a co-ordinated analysis of all existing methods that could be harmonised for global regulatory approval, as well as diversion of funding to the development of new methods are both long overdue. Encouraging signs were seen in Europe towards […]