16 minute talk by Dr Meg Lewis of Kirkstall Ltd

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Her concluding words:

“The current paradigm does not work. The drug discovery process is stagnating. Now is the time to reverse that. We have the solutions, we’ve got the technologies, now we need to work together to implement them. What we have here is an opportunity to replace a broken system that is only going to get worse, with a system that is not only cheaper, not only more ethical, not only more efficacious, not only safer, but also more scientifically valid. It will require investment and perhaps legislative encouragement but this short-term investment will reap huge long-term gains. If we don’t act now, revisit the requirement for animal testing, and address the application of these alternative models, we risk losing both the testing and the development of the alternative technologies to emerging market economies – companies like GSK are already starting to move their testing into China, Brazil and India.”

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