Safer Medicines - putting patient safety first

Putting patient safety first


10/01/18 1997 Report by the Medical Research Modernization Committee : Of Pigs, Primates and Plagues: A Layperson's Guide to the Problems with Animal-to-Human Organ Transplants

11/08/16 The New Orleans Advocate : New Orleans biotech firm gets $455,000 in research grants

09/08/16 Imperial College London Health News : Could human tissue be used by researchers in place of animal models?

28/07/16 Vox Science & Health : Too many mice are sacrificed for seriously flawed studies

07/07/16 Mirror : Scientists create 'human on a chip' using miniature organs as a cutting-edge way to test latest drugs

07/07/16 Cyprotex News : Launch of New Advanced 3D Cardiotoxicity Model

03/07/16 ECN Magazine : Engineers Grow 3D Heart, Liver Tissues for Better Drug Testing

01/07/16 NIH Record : Much Biomedical Research is Wasted, Argues Bracken

24/06/16 AlterNet : 7 Drugs That Big Pharma Withdrew and Hopes You’ve Forgotten About

09/06/16 The Independent, California : 'Human on a Chip' Could Replace Testing on Animals

09/03/16 What Doctors Don't Tell You : Animal tests fail to detect drug’s deadly dangers

01/03/16 Purdue University News : New direction urged to improve cancer nanotechnology

24/02/16 Independent : Pharmaceutical companies cause doctors to receive biased information about drugs ‘costing hundreds of thousands of lives’

16/02/16 Science Alert : These lab-grown 'mini-brains' could help replace animal testing this year

20/10/15 EurekAlert! : Assessing the combined effects of chemicals using non-animal methods


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